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Tierra del Fuego and the King Penguins

DSC04703 - Version 2We had our first tour to Tierra del Fuego to explore the vast, beautiful and open landscape that sits at the end of the world.  Tierra del Fuego, once inhabited by native Selk’nam and Yaghan people, is now mostly pastoral lands distributed among sheep and agriculture estancias.

We started early in the morning from Punta Arenas and headed North to the Ferry crossing at Punta Delgada.  Once on board, we climbed to the top of the ferry to watch as dolphins jumped in our waves and the sea bird caught the wind drafts.

From here we took a long road past pastoral landscapes filled with sheep, guanacos and migratory birds who have journeyed from the north of the world to the Patagonia to raise their young.  The scenery is beautiful and peaceful, open and immense.

We arrived at the King Penguin Park, and found it filled with penguins!  When we visited in December their eggs were incubating, perched delicately on top of the feet their parent, protected by a warm layer of abdominal skin.  After visiting the penguins, we drove to the town of Porvenir to grab lunch and wait for the long ferry ride back to Punta Arenas.  This tour was incredible, a full day of exploring a vast island filled with history and wildlife.