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Fort Bulnes in early Spring

ORP took their first trip of the season to visit Fort Bulnes at the end of September.  Evidence of the fading winter was visible only in the brown hues of the  grass and the mostly bare branches.  However we found signs of spring emerging through green leaves  budding on trees, the retreating snow line, and the minimal quantity of layers we had to wear for the day.

Fort Bulnes offers fully guided tours through the park led by local guides knowledgable about the history of the region’s first settlers.  We learned how the people lived, learned and eventually migrated to Punta Arenas, leaving a forgotten town that went virtually undiscovered for many, many years.  Today the park is beautifully reconstructed using traditional architecture and materials and offers several kilometers of hiking trails which weave around the dramatic landscape.

3 Things to Do in Punta Arenas in Winter

The summer months in Punta Arenas are overflowing with travelers from every corner of the world.  However, as the days turn shorter, fewer people visit.  Sure, it might be harder to access some of the sought-after destinations in Torres del Paine, however if you find yourself traveling in the end of the world and winter is coming, join it!

Here are a list of fun activities for wintertime:

Club AndinoSkiing in Club Andino:  During the summer On the Road offers trekking tours on this ski mountain, with views of the Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego and the surrounding wilderness, not to mention all of the flora and fauna to glimpse.  In the winter, this area turns into a winter playground with skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and much more.  People often just come up to drink hot cocoa in the lodge and look out towards the end of the continent!

DSC04998Sarah Braun Municipal Cemetery:  Whatever the weather, this cemetery is gorgeous.  Ancient tombs of settlers from Croatia, England, Spain, Ireland, Chileans, and Indigenous monuments are spread out between towering hedges that line the gravel paths. In winter, the cemetery takes on a new look as snow topped grave stones rest under the cold Patagonia sky.

Torres del Paine

Full-day Torres del Paine: You can still access much of the park on full-day tours of Torres del Paine.  Tours leave

Punta Arenas around 6:00am and return after 10:00pm.  Highlights include the Milodon Cave, Laguna Azul, Views of Los Torres del Paine, Cuernos del Paine, Pehoe and Nordenskjold Lakes, Salto Grande and Glacier Grey.  In addition, abundant wildlife can be observed throughout the trip, including guanacos, ñandu, and condors.