Winter in the Patagonia!

Winter is coming: So go and enjoy it!

I have previously written a blog post about fun things to do in Punta Arenas in the winter, but there is so much more to do and see!  Will you be traveling in the region this winter and wonder what can you do?  Here are a list of different tourist activities that are great in sun or snow!

1. City Tour of Punta Arenas: Check out the highlights of Punta Arenas, including the Sara Braun Municipal Cemetery, the Plaza de Armas, historical and natural history museum, a drive along the Strait of Magallanes waterfront, and visits to the city’s best viewpoints (Cero de la Cruz).

2. Gastronomic Tour of Punta Arenas: Along with all of the stops in the regular city tour, you will also taste your way through the gastronomic world of the Patagonia.  Flavors include chocolate, calafate berry, king crab and more!

3. Historical Fort Bulnes: This beautiful fort, located 60km from Punta Arenas, offers sights of the secluded Southern tip of the continent, including the Darwin Mountain Range and Tierra del Fuego.  The beauty of the Fort’s coast line and forests is overwhelming, and there are many trails that take you throughout the fort.

4. Kayaking in the Strait of Magellan! This year-round sport takes on an enchanted and almost spiritual feeling in the winter as the human world becomes quiet and the natural world flourishes.  When I remember of kayaking in the winter, I think about the peacefulness of the water, the activity of the dolphins, sea lions and birds, and the stillness of noise except our paddles hitting the water.

5. Club Andino and the Reserva Magallanes: Get out and enjoy the hiking/skiing/cross country skiing in the forest reserve located only a 10 minute drive from Punta Arenas! What are you waiting for?

6. TORRES DEL PAINE: While the services in the park are closed for the winter, including the hiking trails and refugios, you can still do a Full-day Torres del Paine tours leaving from Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales.

7. King Penguin and Tierra del Fuego: Head across the Strait of Magellan to visit the Chilean/Argentinian Island of Tierra del Fuego.  Here you will visit the King Penguin colony, the towns of Porvenir and Cerro Sombrero, and drive along sheep and guanaco filled estancias in this remote land.

Club Andino Puerto Natales Kayaking

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